KATO MKT Series Motor-driven Cable Pulleys; the series manufactured to pick up low and medium voltage cables at various sections.

       And also to make these cables transferred into the equipment


              As standard; the drive system of KATO MKT Series Motor-driven Cable Pulleys are consisted of brake electric motor,

       and imported magnetic clutch and reductor that is specially manufactured for BM Makina. Monospiral (single-wound).

       As standard, cable pulleys are coated with hot-dip galvanize.Our product, wide row winding drums are whether coated with hot-dip galvanize

       or with acrylic paint. .


              Besides the standard products of KATO MKT Series Motor-driven Cable Pulleys manufactured by BM Makina,

       BM Makina is at your service with the ideal solutions that might vary in accordance with the customer’s requests and needs.


        Cable Section: 3 x 150 x 70 / 3 mm2
        Cable Diameter: Ø52 
        Cable Winding Capacity: 300 m


                  After the production of our KATO MKT Series Motor-driven Cable Pulleys is finished; ,  

       our drums are mounted into a special mechanism that moves on a rail that is similar to the movement system of the cranes. After this procedure 

       While conducting cable winding and discharge operations; the drum’s balance and mobile equipment’s maximum operating speed are measured and checked

       Motor current values are also measured and the loading status is monitored in the electronic system  

       After the results are evaluated and the approval is given, then the packaging is done and the product is prepared for shipping.

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