Vahle 2015

         Vahle the 2015 bulletin Cerkezköy BSH took part in non-contact power transmission system applied in the factory.

    CPS® is a successful product

    Inductive power supply systems enjoy an ever-growing popularity at the industrial assembly segment. Many new plants rely on VAHLE CPS®. Currently the focus of orders: Turkey.

    Turkey has grown in recent years into a major manufacturing location between Europe and Asia. In particular, the automotive industry and electrical appliances are sectors with high growth rates. So, for example, more than one million cars a year are produced.
    The engine block rolls in as if by magic. The installer makes just a few easy steps and a short time later, the engine block is at the next station and anotherfollows. The so-called Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), on which assembly components are transported, make untiringly their rounds through the factory halls, often around the clock. They do not need breaks to "refuel": An invisible, contactless power system induc- tively supplies the AGVs with the electrical current they need to enable them to perform their tasks. This is the VAHLE  CPS®  system.  (Contactless  Power Supply).The conductors cables needed for energy supply are installed below grade into the floor along the path to be travelled the energy transfer is contact free. This has many advantages: The system is available maintenance- free and there are no sliding contacts, where abrasion or friction might occur. The high efficiency of the inductive power supply ensures low power consumption. Optio- nally available tracking sensors installed on the AGVs follow the conductor cables, so no separate guiding system is required. These advantages have convinced several customers in Turkey who by now have put  CPS® to use at their assembly lines. Ford has four plants for engine and axle assembly in operation. In the largest plant 15 vehicles move over a length of 140 meters. Fiat already has for engine transport at production site Bursa three systems in  operation.In the freezer assembly of BSH (Bosch Siemens Home appliances) are also two systems in operation. One of these uses 20 vehicles over a length of 36 meters. Other CPS® installations are already in project planning stage.Much of the work on site is done by the VAHLE partner BM Makina, who is responsible for the distribution of VAHLE products in Turkey. In addition to the application in assembly lines, CPS® is also very popular in logistics. Postal and parcel-sorter systems, which are used in automated distribution centers, are often in operation around the clock. The CPS® system fulfills expectations across the board as it causes no abrasion nor friction and above all no pauses are required for   charging.