Mobile Lifting Jacks in the Railway Industry

    Founded in Istanbul in 1999, BM Makina, representing world-famous companies, has been manufacturing lifting jacks for the railway industry since 2011. General Director of BM Makina, Kenan Bebek, gave information about the products they manufacture and the companies they represent. May we know you briefly? Kenan Bebek: I was born in 1981. After I graduated from Istanbul University Econometrics department, I worked in a company in Germany for three years. After that, I started to work for our family company, BM Makina. And I’ve been working in BM Makina since 2008. Could you give us information about the corporate identity of BM Makina? Kenan Bebek: First of all, we’ve started our activity by representing the companies that are leading in their field, and we are still representing these companies. We’ve been continuing to be the distributor of Vahle and Liftket since our foundation, and we carry out the entire maintenance and assembly works related to the products that we represent and manufacture, with our own experienced personnel. Apart from that, we’ve also started to operate in the railway industry. We also have agencies in this field. We are representing the lifting jacks of German Kumbruch company. And as of 2011, we’ve started to manufacture our own mobile lifting jacks. Moreover, as BM Makina, we’ve been manufacturing BKB Profile Systems in Turkey since 2003, along with all the parts. BM Makina has started to manufacture Kato Cable Pulleys in 2009. As BM Makina, because we have an experienced and dynamic staff constitutionally, we work flexibly with the companies we are in business with, thus we are an ever-growing company that can reply to the companies we provide service and products (maintenance, assembly, design processes), and that can change the product details within the safety limits, in accordance with the customer’s needs . The certificates we have; are ISO 9001 : 2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, EN ISO 3834-2, TS EN 1493. When did you move to Gebze Güzeller OSB? What is the number of your employees? Kenan Bebek: We moved to Güzeller OSB in May, 2011. Currently, we have a closed are of 10.000 m2, 35 personnel are working in our company. Apart from the lifting jacks, we also manufacture light crane systems. Crane manufacturers are also our customers. These crane systems that are used for carrying the loads up to 1000 tons particularly in the white goods and automotive industry, are used on CNC counters. These systems provide easy use. How did 2013 go by? What can you say about the development of the railway sector? Kenan Bebek: 2013 went by as anticipated. We had ongoing projects, and completed them. As we are operating for the railway industry and because this industry has regained momentum after the foundation of the Republic, we are thinking of doing much more successful works in the years to come. As a company, we are aiming at developing and growing in this regard.Railway is a requirement, and society’s support on building a railway, is 100%. I think Railways have become a State policy, and it will continue in this way. What are your objectives for the forthcoming period? Kenan Bebek: We are planning to manufacture the products that we can. We want to manufacture the products that are not, but can be manufactured in Turkey. We are aiming at enhancing our export. We want to manufacture the products that we imported before, and export these products. Thus, we are continuing to work in order to become a company that is more efficient and that provides more added value for our country.