BKB Profile Light Crane Systems

BKB Light Crane Systems

BKB Profile Systems are load-bearing special profile systems manufactured in Turkey by BM Makina completely. These profiles that are in C form, can be manufactured using alloy steel via cold drawing operation.

Thanks to their general working principle, these systems make the manuel load-bearing easier.

Thanks to their special roller vehicles that operate in the direction of X-Y, these systems enable the operator to work in balance and control. Because they have low dead distance, these systems provide high performance in confined spaces in the factories and workshops. According to the place of use, there is a large variety of adaptation parts available.

Thus, these systems have a modular structure and they gain the feature of easy assembly. If required, the final user can make the assembly himself. BKB profiles are used in different crane systems. In particular.

Areas of General Use;

  •      Continuous Assembly Lines
  •      Single Assembly Areas
  •      Maintenance Cranes
  •      Over-the-counter Cranes
  •      Raw Material Feed Cranes

As In-plant and Workshop Light Cranes make the assembly easier in BKB profile systems’ continuous manufacturing lines, these cranes are particularly used in Automotive Industry, Baby & Hygienic Diaper Industry, Automotive Sub-industry, White Goods Industry, Moving Door systems and Storage Industry. .