Light Overhead Crane Systems

Light Overhead Crane Systems

BKB Profile Light Overhead Crane systems are designed on project basis in line with customer needs and requests.

Due to the advantage of having a modular construction, BKB Profile Light Overhead Crane systems come to the forefront with fast and light usage in lifting and carrying operations by means of loads, especially up to 1000 kg.

Advantages of BKB Light Overhead Crane Systems

  • Loads up to 1000 kg can be easily moved with human arm force.
  • Feasibility of various combinations for any requirement and telescopic solutions.
  • Maintenance is at almost zero level.
  • Dead zone loss is at minimum level.
  • They have a wide range of mounting apparatus.Thus, they are mountable for I-profiles, concrete columns, concrete beams, concrete structures,…etc.
  • The system has a modular structure.Thus, addition can be made into the system, the system can be revised and the system can be disassembled completely.