DEMYKS Vehicle Lifting and Rotating Equipments

DEMYKS Vehicle Lifting and Rotating Equipments

BM Makina has been projecting, producing and importing the following product groups since 2011 under the name of “DEMYKS” which is its own brand:

  • Vehicle Lifting Jacks
  • Welding Positioners
  • Bogie Manipulators
  • Rotating Tables
  • Working Platforms
  • Vehicle Lifting Tripods

BM Makina projects, produces and imports the product groups on its own, based on customer satisfaction perception, without any concession from quality and honesty.

BM Makina is specialized in lifting and rotating equipments, which are designed and produced according to customer requests and requirements, especially used in maintenance and manufacturing workshops of railway system vehicles. BM Makina carries on with Research & Development investments permanently by taking market demands into consideration as well.

DEMYKS brand lifting and rotating equipments, are the products that are righteously preferred by users as these products come to the forefront with the features of both robustness and stability.