Insulated Busbar Systems

Insulated Busbar systems

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Vahle insulated busbar systems have an energy carrying capacity for a wide area of application.

Insulated Busbars are designed in compliance with VDE 0100 standards. Their Ingress Protection Rating (IP code) is 23. Current receiver coal enters into the busbar completely, and it does not pose any threat when it is running.

Standard busbar length is 6000mm. (U 35 6250mm.)

Profile Type Carrier profile material Copper section [mm²]
U10 C 100
F 40
E 10
U20 CE 80
AC 120
C 210
U30 CE 330
C 280-530
U40 C 600-1000
U15A45 C 100
E 10
U25 AE 500-800
U35 C 600-1250
C = Copper, F = Steel, E = Stainless Steel, A = Aluminum
U10 Insulated busbar

U 10 insulated busbar is designed in accordance with today’s safety requirements. Its capacity is between 10 to 100 Amperes. It has three types of conductors; copper, galvanized steel and stainless steel.

Conductors are selected in the manner that would suit the place where the busbar will be used. Important areas of usage are; monorail cranes particularly in curved lines and control

U20, U30, U40 Insulated busbars

U 10, U 20 and U 30 insulated busbars provide the current capacity required for a wide area of application. For instance; cranes have a large variety of lifting and transport systems and many areas of application.

Their current carrying capacity is between 80 A and 1000 A.

U15, U25, U35 Insulated busbars

Main areas of usage for U 15, U 25 and U 35 busbars are; travelling bridge cranes, monorail systems, elevator systems, sliding door systems, data and signal transmission.

Current carrying capacity is between 10 A and 1250 A.