Three-phase Industrial Cranes- From 125 Kg to 12500 Kg




                » Engine block is cooled down by aluminum wings, and operates for much longer time at high temperatures.

                » Thanks to their modular structure, these cranes’ maintenance is quite easy. All the critical parts (brake, engine, overflow coupling, chain guides..) can be replaced severally.

                » Helically hardened threads manufactured at the end of long-term tests, help the crane go higher than even FEM norms of the chain hoist.

                » Thanks to their new type patented overflow coupling, these cranes block the operation if there is an overflow.

                » An easy and a safe transition can be made from the single hardware to the double. .

                » They have a modern design and a compact structure.

                » Thanks to their light aluminum body, these cranes operate at much smaller dead distances and this increases the transportability. Thus, they can be used in constructions easily. .


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